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Penny Is Back As "Emma Marx"!

Penny Pax stars in the fourth entry in New Sensations' critically acclaimed, much awarded series and this latest entry is titled "The Submission of Emma Marx: Evolved" directed by Jacky St. James. Pax's acting in the title role has been consistently excellent and highly praised and watching this character's sexual evolution continue is emotionally moving and very, very hot. Pax does a killer DP scene in this and wow, she dominates series newbie Violet Starr just about perfectly. Here's what Pax has to say about being Marx again.

Congrats on starring in your fourth "Emma Marx" movie! How does it feel to return to this character yet again?

"Thank you so much! It not only blows my mind that we made a fourth one of these movies, but it is also a huge honor to be able to continue my role as Emma Marx in the movies."

Were you surprised that this fourth movie was happening at all? Things seemed to be almost wrapped up for Emma at the end of the third movie.
"I was floored to hear that we were making a fourth movie! We all joked onset of the third movie that there would be a fourth but I never really expected it to actually happen."

You have won a ton of awards for playing this role. What about her inspires you as an actress and as a porn star?
"I wouldn’t say I’ve won 'a ton' of awards for the role, but it is definitely nice to be recognized for acting in such a rich pool of talent. The role of Emma has definitely been the most defining role of my career. I learned a lot about myself, as a performer and as a human being. She has inspired me to go for what I want in life and take risks because you only live once!"

How was working with Jacky St. James again on this?
"Working with Jacky St James is a dream come true because she is exactly what every actor envisions when they think of the ideal director. She has an acting background and I feel like she is able to help me reach the kind of emotions that are necessary to convey during certain scenes in the movie."

What was your favorite scene to perform sexually in this movie?
"Obviously my double penetration scene!! I absolutely love having two cocks at once in both of my holes. It was so nice to finally have Emma catch up to me sexually as a performer. Hopefully this means more sexual exploration for Emma in the future??"

How was working with Riley Reid again? She returned in this in the role of your sister, Nadia.
"Riley is always such a joy to work with. She is always smiling and is filled with great energy! In this movie, Emma and Nadia get closer than ever because Emma moves in with her sister after Mr. Frederick’s [played by Richie Calhoun] death."

Violet Starr as the sexually adventurous Mariah is a new addition to the series. How was acting with her and dominating her?
"Violet is an absolute doll. She’s an all natural beauty so I had no problem dominating her with pleasure. She’s also quite the actress, I was super impressed that she had all of her dialogue down when we started shooting the movie. This is a rarity in the adult industry. Most performers don’t take the time to even read the script, let alone be completely off book."

What is it about the storyline in this series that you think moves people so much?
"I think what moves people about the storyline is that there are characters everyone can relate to. Nadia and Ray [played by Van Wylde] are the control couple of a 'normal' relationship. Emma and Mr. Frederick are adventurous and explore their sexuality with men and women, which I can definitely relate to. Mariah is the rebellious character that thinks she knows everything but is actually just getting started. There’s something for everyone!"

What else is coming up for you? Do you think we will see a fifth Emma Marx movie happen?
I am always producing new content for my official website as well as a weekly live show where I get to meet and catch up with my members. I am attending my first Exxxotica convention this November to promote my site so please come say hi if you’re in New Jersey! I will be signing at the VNA booth Friday and Saturday only. I am bringing the whole 'Emma Marx' saga with me too! I certainly hope this isn’t the last movie we make! I personally feel like Emma’s adventure is only starting..."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"As always I’m just incredibly thankful that people enjoy watching me enjoy myself on camera! It will be my six year anniversary of being in porn this coming November and all I gotta say is they were right when they said that time does fly when you’re having fun! I’m looking forward to making many more movies, taking all the dicks and tasting all the pussy!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of New Sensations. Click right here to go watch "The Submission Of Emma Marx: Evolved" right now!

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