Throwback Thursday: The Sex Sizzled in Vivid’s "The New Devil In Miss Jones"

The Devil Came Back!

Back in 2005, Vivid did a fine remake of the Golden Age classic "The Devil In Miss Jones" and made "The New Devil In Miss Jones." It was directed by AVN Hall of Fame director Paul Thomas and it starred Vivid Girl Savanna Samson in the role of Miss Jones. The original Miss Jones Georgina Spelvin came back for a cameo in "The New Devil In Miss Jones," which is just so cool.

Check out demonic Vivid superstar Jenna Jameson enjoy some lesbian strap-on fun in this clip with alt star Rachel Rotten. Wow, I miss Rachel Rotten so much. She was just so gorgeous and SUCH a great performer. If you have never seen this movie, fix that mistake today! 

Click here to pick up the gorgeous three-disc DVD set for "The New Devil In Miss Jones" or watch it online in our store OR head over to Vivid's website to watch this and a lot of other great movies!

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