Fleshtunes: The Brenna Sparks Edition


Brenna Loves The Beat!

Hot starlet Brenna Sparks sent her very electronic-friendly Fleshtunes over. Enjoy!

"Need To Feel Loved" by Reflekt (Adam K & Soha Mix): This is my official road trip song! It’s the one song I always play on every road trip. I listened to it on my first road trip and since then it's become a tradition.

Angel by Massive Attack: This song will always be connected to my entry into the adult industry when I was 19. The DJ always played it for me at my first strip club. The other dancers HATED it because it was way too slow, so they claimed.

Eyes Throat Genitals by Le Matos: Despite the goofy name, it’s from a soundtrack to a cheesy, but fun, movie called “Turbo Kid”. It introduced me to the genre called “synthwave”, which is like a modern spin on 80s style music. The new genre has become a large part of my life, so I definitely have to put this song on my list!

For The Damaged Coda by Blonde Redhead:
I found this song and this artist from my new favorite show, "Rick And Morty". They have a lot of cool songs and give off a Radiohead-esqe feeling.

Red by Phoria:
I love every song by this not-so-known band. However, this particular song reminds me of when I was passing through Nebraska. The skies were so blue, everything looked like it was being passed through a photo filter. I saw tens of thousands of birds flying together and this song was playing in the background. A moment that I will never forget!

The image of Sparks above is from her scene in Burning Angel's "Dirty Secrets POV". Follow Sparks on Twitter to keep up with all of her hot porn star doings and here's what I am listening to right now. Listen to all of the Fleshtunes on YouTube and have a great week!

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