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jessica Wants Wickedness For Us All!

Wicked Pictures porn superstar/sex educator jessica drake has released a much talked about, very hot star showcase "jessica drake Is Wicked" directed by her AVN Hall of Famer partner Brad Armstrong. The movie is filled with drake sharing her sexual self openly- an interracial blowbang and a four-way trans lesbian scene figure prominently in the action- and drake looks lovely throughout it all. I always admire established performers who are brave enough to take their fans along with them as they evolve as sexual beings and I love that drake is out there being strong and openly getting off on what pleases her most in her life. 


Congrats on the huge new star showcase! It's pretty enormous in its scope. Was that what you always intended for it to be or did it grow and evolve into this?

"I've certainly wanted to shoot a showcase for a very long time, but being that I only wanted to put out one that was huge, I felt that being given only one chance and I wanted to put some very specific things into it."

This is directed by your partner Brad Armstrong. How was sharing the experience of all of these on-camera firsts with him right there? What was that like?

"Our relationship is certainly unique. I enjoy working alongside Brad because there has never been a feeling of jealousy as far as scenes or sex acts go. Our attitudes are more like, "Oh, you want to do _____? How can we make that the best? What can we do to make this stand out and be an awesome experience as well as an awesome scene?'
In the past 6-7 years that I've been involved in sex education, my scenes and the way I shoot them has changed slightly. I do defer to Brad for wardrobe, art direction, on-camera direction, etc., but the sex I am having is mine and it's for me and the folks I'm having it with. I'm much more insistent when it comes to doing the things I like that get me off. (As it should be!)"

In the years that I have known you, you have grown so much as a sex activist/educator. What do you think that you have learned about yourself/the world that we live in that made doing all of these acts publicly, possible for you?

"GREAT question. Initially, my catalyst was Wicked sending me to Sexpo South Africa seven years ago. At the end of the work portion of my trip, I took a few days to sightsee and ended up in Soweto, a slum in Johannesburg. It was a before/after moment in my life. My entire world shifted. Everything I took for granted was instantly revealed to me, and I came back from that trip with my eyes wide open. I constantly ask myself 'what can I do to help?' and 'if I were in this position, what would I want people to do to help me?' It's my passion, my purpose in life.

Another catalyst for me was getting older and realizing people's opinions of me are none of my business. Of course, i have moments of self-consciousness and doubt, but I care WAY less what other people think. This has led to an interesting shift on my social media accounts. Of course, I'd love to just post pictures of my ass all day for tons of likes, but there is work to be done. if I can use the privilege I have and the platform I've worked for in this business to help people, I will always do just that. Plus, the world is fucked right now, and helping actually slightly reduces my anxiety about that."

Wicked Pictures is not a company that most porn consumers would normally associate with the very hardcore/fetish sex that is featured in this movie. What was the process of getting this all approved and endorsed like?

"Even though Wicked is known for higher quality, story-driven movies that lean towards a hetero vanilla side, it's important to recognize that we have been shooting anal, orgies, blowbangs, DPs, and more. After all, we have Asa Akira - possibly my favorite female performer ever - and a great source of inspiration. It was the trans scene that was our first in our 25-year history. I have been asking to shoot that type of scene for almost three years. I think that based on my persistence and also the response we got when talking to retailers and distributors, I was given the chance to try it and to make a statement to the entire industry about being truly inclusive. I am so grateful to Wicked for this chance, and I am especially appreciative (and relieved) that it's being received so well."

If you had to pick one scene that you are proudest of in this movie, which one would it be and why?

"Beauty, for sure. I identify as pansexual. I'm at the point where it's imperative that my work and my scenes reflect who I am, not who I am expected to be. I found myself under fire for working with a few 'crossover' performers and became hyper-aware of the stigma that these people face. The reality is, we have sex on camera with folks who have tests that are as good as the last sex act they've performed - ON or OFF camera. We don't know and cannot say what anyone is doing- we can only assess risk and act for ourselves, making an educated decision. Not everyone gets that. The people protesting are some of the same people having sex with people off camera and lying about it. That's not fair. Ultimately, I work with who I want to, who I'm attracted to, and I take the precautions that I see fit.

Having the chance to work with Venus [Lux], Domino [Presley] and Aubrey [Kate] was a dream come true. I was living out my fantasy in real time, in an awesome environment. I was so nervous, and I think the girls didn't know what to expect from me, but once we started, I couldn't stop. I loved it because there was no set formula; it wasn't linear. No one knew what was going to happen. I am in awe of the experience and would love to shoot all kinds of different scenes in the future. I think by doing this scene, I put it out there in everyone's face- this is OK. Let's knock down some walls in this business. Let's be more cohesive. We're in this together."

I think it is wonderful that you started this off in the Garden of Eden. What advice would you retroactively give Eve if you could? :)

"Don't take the blame, take charge!"

What would you like for people to understand more about trans lesbian sex? What did you enjoy most about performing in this scene?

"My experience was amazing. I think folks should be more aware of the idea that sexuality is so fluid. Some were saying, 'so this is a four-way girl scene? how can that be?' I think respecting the way people identify is key."

Your oral scenes are always excellent. What advice would you give to a woman who wanted to attempt a blowbang like the one you do in this?

"I love giving head. I tried to be composed and professional in "Team Work" (the name of this scene) but about a third of the way into it- when pants came off- I was done. at that point, I have little or no camera awareness, which in my opinion, lends itself to the best scenes. Brad, however, may disagree with me. To the people who want a blowbang like this- if you're into it, go for it and good luck trying to give everyone equal attention!"

What do you think that this movie says to the world about you as a performer?

"I hope this movie conveys who and what I am, as a person and performer. I hope it sets an example and makes a statement that sexuality doesn't ever really fit into a nice little box; it's a tangled beautiful mess and will change over the span of our lives. I hope people watch it and are turned on, getting off, being challenged, and loving it."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for growing with Wicked Pictures and me throughout my career, and thanks for supporting me along with your other favorite stars by PAYING for your porn. That keeps us able to make quality product for you to enjoy."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Wicked Pictures. Follow drake on Twitter to keep up with all of her porn/sex ed doings and click right here to pick up "jessica drake Is Wicked" on DVD!

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