Throwback Thursday: Vivid-Alt Gave Us “The Bad Luck Betties”

Vivid Alt Was A Hell Of A Lot Of Fun

Back in 2008, Vivid-Alt was producing great, edgy features and today, I bring you "The Bad Luck Betties" directed by WinkyTiki. It starred one of my favorite hardcore performers of all time- Marie Luv, Pinky Lee, Mika Tan, Smoking Maryjane, Paige Richards and Bianca Dagger. Check out the trailer here.


OMG, this movie is so, so, so much fun with its ball to the wall '60's Hollywood feel and its killer music soundtrack that won it Best Music Soundtrack at the AVN Awards that year. The costumes and the sex are killer and the art direction gives this such a gritty, sexy feel. Highly recommended.

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