Farrah Abraham Is Debuting Her Freshly Tightened Vag on CamSoda Tonight

September 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by colette-callaway

Just in case you haven't been plugged into the what's what of vaginal rejuvenation and/or Teen Moms, let me get you up to speed here: Farrah Abraham, former 16 & Pregnant and Vivid sex tape star, just had a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that, er, firmed everything up in there. For those out of the loop on outpatient surgical procedures, vaginal rejuvenation is done with a laser to tighten up the vaginal walls. Tonight, Farrah will be debuting the results on CamSoda.  

Why does the 26-year-old need the botox of vag treatments, you ask? I'm not totally sure. Childbirth has something to do with it, though I'd probably hold off until my 40s if it were me. Alas, I didn't take a teen pregnancy and turn it into a multi-million dollar personal brand, so what do I know? 

You can catch Farrah's live show tonight, September 13, from 9-10 pm ET. In case you didn't yet know, CamSoda is completely free to sign up for, so this isn't like those outrageously priced boxing matches that you have to pay-per-view for $100. And, I imagine, this is significantly more entertaining. Have fun, dear Fleshlings!

Oh, and click here to watch Farrah live.



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