A Strapless One-Piece Is Money on Elizabeth Banks

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Face in shadow. Boat. Happy Sunday.

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Elizabeth Banks Is Always Cute Sexy

I know I shouldn't make money puns when talking about Elizabeth Banks, but damn it, I just can't help myself. I have no doubt she's heard all of them before and she'll keep hearing them - when you are as cute sexy as she is, people just lose all control around her.

Elizabeth Banks is the true definition of "cute sexy." You know what I'm talking about, the girl next door you had a crush on who was also cute and then grew up to stay cute yet have a sexiness about her. That's Elizabeth Banks. And damn it, I wish she would do a nude scene. There, I said it. We are all thinking it. She's super cute sexy and there would be nothing cuter and/or sexier than Elizabeth Banks going topless. I mean like for real topless, like there is no doubt in any of our minds that we are staring at Elizabeth Banks' boobs. I'm not saying she has to do it in that Hunger Games makeup or anything, but I'm also not not saying that.

Of course, the decision is totally up to her, but if she did go topless, it would be simply amazing. It would be like we are all getting to see the boobs of the girl we first had a crush on. Also, it would be Elizabeth Banks topless and that's pretty damn hot.

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