Using a Nude Elsa Hosk to Sell Sunglasses Is Brilliant

September 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Talk About Some Sexy Sunglasses... And Boobs

It is tsaid that a great ad campaign is something that gets stuck in your head. Whether it's a familiar face or a catchy jingle, if there is something a company can use to never let you forget them, they have a brilliant marketing campaign. Whoever thought a nude Elsa Hosk would be a great way to sell sunglasses is... BRILLIANT!

Sure, you would think that all you would need to do is simply get Elsa Hosk to wear your sunglasses and that would be it. Your sunglasses would be flying off the shelf all because they were on the face of the beautiful Elsa Hosk. Oh no, not these people, not this company, not the geniuses - they knew that if they really wanted to make a splash, they would have to turn up the sexiness. And there is no better way to turn up the sexiness than by having Elsa Hosk naked on a beach all covered in sand, wearing your sunglasses. That, my friends, is the most brilliant marketing campaign ever. Seriously you people at... oh crap, what's the company?

You know what, forget it, we don't need to know the name of the company. Elsa Hosk is topless for some sunglasses maker and it's hot as hell.

photos via District Vision

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