Talk About A Hole In One!

September 1, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by jack-blackbush

One Could Just Play Through...

As we all know when the mood takes over, when desires are burning, when you just gotta have some of that sweet, sweet loving there is nothing that can stop you. Doesn't matter where you are, who's around, or what's going on, when love is in the air, you gotta have sex on a golf course.

At least this is true for one South Carolina couple who decided to get it on right there by the 8th hole. At first some witnesses believed the woman was having a medical problem and others thought maybe there were some deer laying by the green, but alas it was not.

Two other witnesses--who were on the tee box at hole 8--said that they observed “what they thought was a deer laying down in the fairway.” However, “Upon closer inspection, they realized it was two people having ‘doggy-style’ intercourse.”

Yes, it would seem two young lovers, Dakota Payne and Kiernan Hennessey, were in the throws of passion when an officer arrived at the Tega Cay Golf Club.

When a patrolman arrived at the links, he spotted a “male with no shorts on and a female that appeared to only have a bra on.” The woman, the officer reported, was on her back and the male was laying down with his head between her legs performing oral sex.”

After being asked multiple times by the officer to stop, Miss Payne and Mister Hennessey decided it would be best to get dressed. The strange thing here is that after their arrest it was discovered that Mister Hennessey lives in a home adjacent to the golf course. Yes, he lived right there. Strange. Though I guess the strangest thing is this happened in South Carolina instead of Florida. Maybe SC wants to give FLA a run for it's money.

via The Smoking Gun

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