Don't Know if the Glasses Are Real, But Katya Braxton's Hotness Sure Is

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Whether She Needs Them or Not, They Go Great With Her Boobs

As someone who must wear glasses to see and having suffered the constant teasing that comes with wearing glasses, I've never understood the desire that some people have to wear glasses when they don't need them. There's nothing like the pain of being called "four eyes" or "fish eye" or "nerd pants." But then again, if I had a rack like Katya Braxton, people probably wouldn't have even noticed my glasses.

I'm guessing that Katya Braxton doesn't need glasses, but she is someone who enjoys wearing them for some strange reason. What I do get, though, is that Katya Braxton is quite the stunner in glasses and not much of anything else. I'll admit I've had to take my glasses off while flipping through these Katya Braxton topless pics due to them fogging up. Yeah, that's another joy of glasses, when you get a little toasty from staring at Katya Braxton's breasts, your glasses fog up. Then again, it's a small price to pay for Katya Braxton's hotness.

Real or fake, fashion statement or needed to correct a vision problem, whatever Katya Braxton's reason for wearing glasses is, they go great with her boobs. I'm sure if someone called her "four eyes," they would do it in a very loving and playful way, not before they knock all your comic books out of your hands.

photos by Ryan Myers

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