Oh, Blake Lively, You Have Such Hotness to Share

August 28, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Will Blake Lively Ever Go Topless?

As much as I want to come up with some clever pun about Blake Lively looking sexy and making me feel lively, I just can't do it. She's just so damn hot that all I can think about is how wonderful it would be if she went topless. Blake Lively has so much more hotness to give the world.

Is it going to happen? I don't know. What would I do if it did happen? I don't know. I'd like to think that if Blake Lively made the decision to go topless, I would jump for joy after seeing what are no doubt some really awesome boobs. Then again, maybe seeing them for the first time would cause me to sit in silence and contemplate the beauty that I just saw. Or I could be so overwhelmed by Blake Lively's breasts that I end up as a puddle of ooze on the floor. I simply don't know what would happen if Blake Lively went topless. All I do know is I really, really, really wish it would happen.

And of course, the decision is up to Blake Lively. Thankfully she does a lot of movies in bikinis and she does a lot of sexy photo spreads like this to help us get by. Seriously, Blake Lively is just all kind of crazy hot.

photos via Glamour

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