Callie Hernandez Makes "Alien: Covenant" Sexy and Scary

Showers Aren't Safe Even in Space

Never mind the fact I'm sitting here trying to figure out how in the world a shower in space would work - that's not really what's important. What is important is the fact Alien: Covenant was nice enough to include a shower scene with the lovely Callie Hernandez. Though she probably should have known that in space, no one can hear you shower.

Look, I'm being honest with you guys because you are the people I can be honest with - I had very little desire to see the latest installment of the ever-growing Alien franchise, but knowing there's a shower scene with Callie Hernandez is enough to get me to watch it. Throw in Katherine Waterston rocking pokies and I think this may be an enjoyable evening. Sure, it's kind of a change of pace from the Alien movies - there hasn't been much in the way of nudity - but when you are expanding the cinematic universe why not throw in some shower scenes and some boobs?

I know this could actually be the best Alien movie yet, I should really hold off judgment until I see it. One thing for sure is that this is the best Alien movie with a shower scene.

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