Checking in with Performer/Director Savana Styles

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Top MILF performer Savana Styles has her directorial debut out now through her new company Alpha Females through which she will be creating a whole bunch of awesome releases with the love and assistance of her AVN Hall of Famer husband Lexington Steele. "The Riders" has a Wild West theme, Styles does her very first double anal scene in it and along with Styles, it stars AVN Female Performer of the Year Adriana Chechik, AVN Hall of Famer Briana Banks and Romi Rain. Here's what Styles had to say about the movie.

So what made you decide you wanted to give directing a try?
"I knew the moment that I decided to be a performer that I would also direct and produce adult movies. I have a big creative side that I wanted to explore, and I always love to manage and organize. Every step in my career has been planned."

How is directing with Lexington Steele shooting camera for you? What did you learn most from working with your husband on Alpha Females' "The Riders"?
"To be honest, I wasn't sure at the beginning if hiring my husband as a cameraman would be a good idea. I knew he's great, but he's used to being the director. I thought there could be some conflict on set if he tried to take my place or step in but I was amazed at his professionalism with just the first scene! He totally let me direct all the scenes my way and reacted very well to my suggestions on camera angles.

Also, he helped me on set more than the usual cameraman. I felt more secure with him at my side for my first movie to be sure I didn't forget anything. I was very happy that we could work together and it was a great experience for both of us."

What made you decide to call your production company Alpha Females?
"I was in the car with Lex. I asked him how he came up with the name Mercenary Pictures for his own company. He told me that he simply picked a name that fit him, and that he represents himself as a mercenary. So, I reflected about what could be the name that would represent me and the girls I would be shooting and, Alpha Females popped into my mind! It was perfect."

What types of movies will Alpha Females be releasing?
"'The Riders' is our first title. It’s based on the concept that the girl rides the cock in every position. Instead of being fucked by the guy like we see in almost every porn movie, the female performer is dominant during the sex, and she literally fucks the guy. She’s not like a dominatrix, because she still respects him and she takes care of him. She’s more like a superheroine!

I'm also going to release a series named 'Porn Star Wrestling'. These will be girl/girl scenes where the tease is both girls wrestle together, instead of dialogue or doing a striptease. It’s very sexy and you'll see some female porn stars like you’ve never seen them before. I will also be making a two girls pegging series. I shot few scenes already and I think it’s a good niche.

And lastly, I’m going release my own showcase really soon, and produce or co-produce showcases for other porn stars. The showcases are vignettes, with all scenes connected with dialogue and action/stunts for the girl to perform. It’s going to be like the XXX version of 'Tomb Raider'."

What do you think is so sexy about westerns? It is a bold theme for your new company's first title.
"Yes, indeed, it was bold to choose an epic theme for my first movie, but I love challenges. I always liked horseback riding and cowgirl style. When I was 24 years old and living in Canada, I bought a ranch with six horses. I had always wanted to own horses in my own backyard. I had no idea at that being a nurse and a rancher at the same time would be such a heavy workload. Rapidly, my dream became a nightmare and I sold everything after only one year but my passion for horses and cowgirls has always stayed in my head, and I knew that one day I would find another way to express it."

What have you enjoyed most about directing?
"I really enjoy creating something, thinking about a concept and making it happen. I cast the performers I want, created the outfits for each girl, wrote the different storylines, choose the location, picked the perfect hairstyles and makeup and I also hired the cameraman, photographer, editor, and makeup artist that I wanted. It was so empowering, and nothing else for me can replace that feeling."

What is your favorite sex scene that you have shot so far?
"OMG, that’s a hard question to answer. It would have to be one of 'The Riders' scenes, of course, but I like all of them but I can tell that Briana Banks’ scene was special for me to shoot. She’s my good friend, and an amazing woman and performer. I paired her with Xander Corvus for an energetic anal scene. I knew from the beginning she was really excited to perform in my movie, and it really showed on set. She really liked the concept, and gave it her all, even though it wasn’t an easy scene for a girl. She rocked the dialogue and photoshoot. I can't wait to for everyone to see her scene!"

What kind of movies do you want to make as a director overall? Is the plan to stick with all-sex or do you have other plans?
"I really love the vignette style, because acting is one of my passions. If one day I can do feature movies as a director or producer, I would be so happy."

How has your husband Lex supported you most in your education as a new director?
"I think his best support Lex gave me was that he let me direct it my way. He never tried to give me some advice, if I didn't ask and, being a very independent person, that was the perfect attitude for him to have. It also showed me he trusts me and my decisions. He had no idea of what the scene was going to be until we arrived on set and I told him at that time what we were doing and who the performers would be."

What else is coming up for you?
"I just finished directing on contract with a company from Montreal called Pegas Productions. I'm going to be shooting here for them with some of the best performers in the industry! It's an honor for me to work with people from my country and my province. I will open each scene with my speaking in French and also promote their website. My fans 'Québécois' will be proud of me I think, I'm very excited!"

Is there anything you'd like to say here to your fans at Fleshbot?
"I strongly recommend you to buy my first movie, 'The Riders', which is available online and on DVD now. It stars Romi Rain, Briana Banks, Adriana Chechik and me all in the same movie doing an amazing job riding cocks and living up to the name of the movie."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Alpha Females. Click right here to go watch "The Riders" right now!  

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