Man, Valya Mann Has Some Nice Boobs

August 11, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Sometimes You've Got to State the Obvious

Look, we all hate when there's that one person in the group who always points out the obvious. But sometimes it's the obvious that needs pointing out. As long as you don't do it an annoying way, I think it's totally cool. If you think I'm a fool then please forgive me for stating the obvious right here, but Valya Mann has some really nice boobs.

So, she's using the name Valishka here, so I don't know if she's testing out new names or something, but I do like Valya Mann. Of course she could call herself Dumpster McGarbage for all care - her boobs are still going to looking pretty awesome. Though, I don't want her to change her name to that, I'm just pointing out an essential truth. You see, when you have great breasts, like the breasts of Valya Mann, then we are willing to let just about anything slide. We will give you a pass on most anything, all in the name of glorious boobs. But still, I would keep Valya Mann. It fits. It really does.

I hate being "that guy", the one pointing out it's raining or that your tire is flat, but sometimes you have to just go with what's right in front you. You have say it, scream it out, tell the world what they are looking at. Valya Mann has nice boobs!

photos by Eugenia Yashva

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