Jennifer Lawrence Always Gives Us the Chills

August 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Everyone, and I Mean Everyone, Loves J-Law

It's pretty rare for all of us to have the same reaction. We all see things differently so we react differently, yet each and every time Jennifer Lawrence is sexy, she manages to give every single one of us the same feeling - that chill that shoots up your spine. Seriously, just happened again.

I guess that's what happens when you happen to be one of the most beautiful people on this planet or any other planet in the known universe. Hell, Jennifer Lawrence is probably one of the hottest beings on planets in the unknown universe. Her hotness may go far behind our basic understanding of space and time. I mean, there is no "on the fence" when it comes to Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone finds her hot. And I do mean every last one. If someone you know (or maybe it's you) is pretending that Jennifer Lawrence is not that hot, you are only lying to yourself. And you look pretty damn foolish doing it. Just enjoy Jennifer Lawrence and all her hotness and move on with your life.

We may never know if there is life outside our planet and our universe, but one thing we know for sure is if there is life, then they will find Jennifer Lawrence hot. We should probably just stuff those deep space satellites with her movies and tons of pictures in case aliens find them.

photos via Vogue

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