Is There a Bathing Suit That Doesn't Look Sexy on Aubrey O’Day?

August 9, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

The Answer Is No, Aubrey O'Day Is Sexy in Everything

Overalls - I can't pull them off. No matter how I try them, no matter what is on underneath them, it's just not the look for me. I can't pull them off. And that's typical. There is one style of clothing that, no matter how hard we try, we can't pull off. Unless you're Aubrey O'Day - then there is no such thing as a bathing suit that isn't sexy.

Damn. And I mean D-AMN. Aubrey O’Day knows what looks good on her because everything looks good on her. You know it typically takes a two-piece to show off that much skin, but Aubrey O’Day has done her homework and found something really revealing and really sexy. Then again, I'm 100 percent sure that Aubrey O’Day could wear a trash bag and make it look like the sexiest thing we've ever seen. I'm almost tempted to challenge Aubrey O’Day to find something she doesn't look sexy in, but I'd rather she just keep on showing off her amazing body in the sexiest bathing suits, dresses, lingerie, and all things in between.

Must be nice, being able to make everything look amazing. You can shop anywhere, buy anything, and you know that you are going to look amazing. Then again, it's not so bad for us because we get to see Aubrey O’Day be sexy all the time.

via Aubrey O'Day on Instagram

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