Boobs and Books Will Always Make a Great Pair

August 10, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

A Topless Oliwia Pawelczak in Front of Books Is Awesome

I have said it many times before and I will keep saying it: I will judge people based on the number and types of books they have on display in their home. That's just something that matters to me. And I will also judge the hotness of someone on how great their boobs are standing in front of books. Oliwia Pawelczak, you totally pass the test with flying colors.

It's probably just the nerdy side of me coming out, but when I see a full bookcase stacked from floor to ceiling, a tiny smile comes across my face. You put Oliwia Pawelczak topless in front of said bookcase and let's just say I'm grinning so wide and so hard that my face hurts. Seriously, words and breasts, books and boobs, tall tails and tits, however you want to put that combination together, it all means the same thing. Of course, you could totally put Oliwia Pawelczak topless in front of many things and said things would be hot. Oliwia Pawelczak has some pretty nice boobs.

This is one of those traits that I'm not going to bother and figure out. I love books, I love boobs, you put Oliwia Pawelczak's boobs in front of some books and I just love it. No need to understand, plenty of reason to just enjoy it.

photos by Bobby Prom

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