Joanna Angel Hires Babysitter Giselle Palmer For Some Threeway Fun Over at Burning Angel

Joanna and Small Are Hiring!

AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Angel and her hot slice of awesome hubby Small Hands pretend to want to hire a babysitter and Giselle Palmer happily falls for their ruse over at Burning Angel. Little baby Angel has a "clothing allergy" and to accommodate the unseen, non-existent tyke, Palmer disrobes and once the couple gets a look at Palmer minus her pencil skirt, they are all over the hot teen.

This is a hella fun raucous, orgasmic threeway with Palmer getting off a ton on the skills and attentions of Angel and Hands. They definitely enjoy Palmer's firm, hot ass and Hands gives Palmer some hot breath play fun to ponder during her many orgasms. Angel loves watching Hands fuck her here while Palmer rubs Angel's clit and smiles in just this complete state of fun and bliss. The inked couple definitely loves corrupting the young blonde....very hot.

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