Emily Bradley, That's a Nice Boob, Can We See More?

August 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

How Much Hotter Would Emily Bradley Be If We Saw Both Boobs?

Emily Bradley is quite the stunner. She's a got a mix of femme fatale and girl next door vibes that would drive any man, woman, dog, cat, elephant, and single cell organism crazy. On top of all that, she's got one hell of an awesome boob. The only down side is that we only get to see a single boob. Is there any way we can change this situation?

This is all not to look a gift boob in the nipple; I'm over the moon for the chance to see Emily Bradley's pierced nip, even if it's only a single boob. But her boobs are pretty great, you have to admit that. Seeing Emily Bradley's breast takes her hotness up a notch and one can only imagine how immense her hotness would become if we got to see both of Emily Bradley's breasts. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we stumble upon a topless Emily Bradley, though, I guess I shouldn't say "stumble upon" since I'm going to be actively looking for all of us. You're welcome in advance.

For now, let's just enjoy the single boob of Emily Bradley. It's a great boob - I love it. I'm really hoping the other one looks just like this one, pierced nipple and all. Throw a little bad girl into the Emily Bradley mix.

Photos by Jo Bailon

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