Nature Has Never Looked Better Thanks to a Nude Aleta Cai

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Streams Are Cool and All, But Not as Cool as Aleta Cai Nude

Who doesn't love a good waterfall? Or walking through some tall trees? Nature is awesome and spending time in the forests all over the world is a great way to spend a day. As for me, I won't go near them. Nothing against rocks and branches and stuff, but if Aleta Cai isn't nude in the woods where I'm walking, what's the point?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, nature and trees and all that junk is beautiful, but it's just a bunch of sticks if there isn't a naked Aleta Cai walking around. I mean, you can't tell me that stream doesn't look amazing with Aleta Cai standing in the middle of it with no clothes on. Trees, awesome. Trees next to Aleta Cai's breasts, super awesome. Sitting in a tent, yeah that's fine. Sitting in a tent with a naked Aleta Cai, now that sounds like something I want to do. Look, I get why people love the great outdoors, but to me they are just the average outdoors. Had they more Aleta Cai nude then I would go so far as to call them great.

Besides, the further you go in nature, the less signal you get on your phone or tablet or whatever. I mean, why leave a nude Aleta Cai in nature behind? Just stay indoors and enjoy her beautiful body. Plus, less bugs.

photos by Jake Rayno

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