Tinashe By the Pool Is a Sight to See

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The World Needs to See Tinashe In a Bikini

If I'm being completely honest, and you know I can't tell a lie when talking to you, my nearest and dearest, I've never heard of Tinashe. For that, I'm a bit ashamed because she is one hell of a beautiful woman. I can't believe this is the first time I'm seeing her amazing body in a bikini. This is a mistake I never wish to repeat.

And for those of you who've known about Tinashe all this time and never said anything before, I'd like to shame you... but I can't. I get it. I completely understand your desire to not share the hotness of Tinashe. It's pretty damn awesome. I get why you would want to keep it all for yourself. But you guys know I'm going to burst that bubble because there is no way I can keep all this Tinashe sexiness to myself. I want the world to see Tinashe in a bikini. I want the world to know about Tinashe's cleavage. I want my friends to share in the pleasure of staring at Tinashe's ass in a bikini. Yes, there is just something inside of me that needs to share Tinashe with the world.

Maybe it's the shame of just now discovering her. Maybe it's my desire to make sure that each and every one of us knows about all the beautiful people in the world. Or maybe it's just that Tinashe's incredible bikini body is really awesome.

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