Tereza Kočová Topless Makes Gym Look Fun

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Tereza Kočová's Boobs Will Get That Heart Racing

Odds are if you're like me, your least favorite subject in school was always gym class. Sure, math sucked and geography was kind of boring, but there was nothing worse than putting on those sweats just to get hit in the face with a big red ball. Maybe it was the fact you couldn't get up the rope, maybe it was because being outside wasn't your thing, or maybe it was the lack of a topless Tereza Kočová that made going to the gym just terrible.

Had there been more topless Tereza Kočová in gym class I have a strong feeling we all would have enjoyed it so much more. After all, seeing Tereza Kočová's boobs really does get the heart pumping and the blood flowing, it's kind of like a nice little workout just from staring at her. One could probably use a topless Tereza Kočová as a warm up for any physical activity or you could just simply start at Tereza Kočová's breasts until you start sweating and then call it a day.

And if you were one those people who loved gym class, you could climb to the top of the robe and didn't get winded tying your shoes, then maybe you shouldn't get to enjoy Tereza Kočová topless in a gym. You already have such fond memories of the gym. Oh hell, go ahead and look at Tereza Kočová's breasts. You know I could never deny anyone the opportunity to see some awesome boobs.

photos by jako

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