Sheena Sakai Shines On "Power"

July 24, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

A Sheena Sakai Spin-Off Would Be Great

There's a lot of love about the show Power (2014-2017). Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with all the great things about this show. Oh wait, I do know where to start, it's with Sheena Sakai's awesome new nude scene on the show. Yeah, there's a lot to love in one scene.

Look we get into all the plot twists and fan theories about the show, but I know how important you time is. We should just really get to the good parts and on with our busy days. I mean, I have ideas where the show should go; ironically they all involve Sheena Sakai getting nude all the time. Though, I guess that's not really ironic, Sheena Sakai is freaking hot. Why wouldn't we want everything this show or any other show to revolve around Sheena Sakai's nude body? You know what, I'm smelling spin-off! Yep, Sheena Sakai doing stuff that involves her getting nude. You can fill in the blanks later, but you get the general idea of the show. I'm telling you, it'll be must-see TV!

So, if you've never seen an episode of Power, there's no better time that now to get started. Seriously, start with Sheena Sakai's new sex scene, enjoy her awesome boobs and butt. Then watch it again. Then go and start from the beginning of the series. Feel free to come back to Sheena Sakai nude whenever you need it.

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