Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring in "Dyfucktional", by Bridgette B.

July 24, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Bridgette Happily Gets "Dysfucktional"

Gorgeous busty blonde Bridgette B. stars in Pornfidelity/Kelly Madison Productions' "Dysfucktional" - a new taboo relations release directed by Andy Zane. It's an awesome, awesome movie and if this is your kink at all, don't miss it.


"Tommy Pistol - As a female performer, I have to say we are so very lucky to have the group of male talent that we do. It makes our days on set so enjoyable to be surrounded by true gentlemen who make these scenes possible. This was our first time performing one on one! We have been on sets together and done group work; however, this was our first and definitely not our last!!! His intensity paired with mine was magic and the 'family' dynamic incorporated within the script that Ryan Madison is known for allowed for us to take it to a level of both passionate and disturbing. For being my introduction to Pornfidelity after many years, I can't thank him enough for being such an important part to the success of this scene as noticed on social media by the amazing feedback!!"

"The crew - Aside from the basic chemistry between the performers, the crew is invaluable to the success of any project. From makeup to PA to their amazing photographer/director/camera/audio/editing, Kelly [Madison] and Ryan have this close niche of what has I am sure become family to them and that is where the core of where all of it begins. No drama, no bullshit, and respect is what you receive each and every single time you step foot unto their set. Again, this is a beautiful time in the industry because we all protect each other and word of mouth goes a long way. So, for anyone to ever have a bad experience on any set anywhere, there is no time for that and such company could never thrive and succeed which is why whenever PornFidelity is on my calendar, I look forward to it more and more each time."

"Location - Shooting in such beautiful/clean grounds is so lovely! It is a detail that can't be overlooked. Having a designated area and sets that truly recreate the vision for the script is what adds to the appeal. For this particular scene, I have never seen a bedroom with more teddy bears, bright comforters, and shall we say, eerie props that added so much production value! Tommy had to take a moment and take it all in as he not only stepped inside the room but laid in the small bed....i loved it!!!"

"Script - When I say script, I mean more 'guidelines'. The beauty of it all is that we have certain things/message to get through as part of the 'script but it is an organic work between Tommy and I. He led me throughout the house and as he had his way with me, I flipped and said 'You think you're the only fucked up member of this family?' which was an ad-lib on my end, at where he grabbed me and did exactly what he should have... you're going to have to watch the scene and find out what he did there. :)"

"Styling/Makeup/Hair - I truly appreciate a good makeup artist and hairstylist and I can't say enough how amazing it is to know that you will look your absolute best! Even in my personal life, having a great face/hair day lends to it being a good day. :)"

"I want to end this Top Five reasons with a big thank you to everyone enjoying and supporting companies such as PornFidelity because these companies are taking extra strides to produce quality entertainment and it shows time and time again. By doing so, as a consumer of such works, you are a valuable asset for such entertainment to continue to exist. I love performing, I love sex, I love being a strong woman in an industry that is embracing of such qualities, and I love for whats to come!! To think this is just the tip (pun intended) is what makes the industry an exciting community to be a part of. As i sit and write this I just finished shooting a scene yesterday for them which stars Michael Vegas and myself! Follow me on Instagram at thisisbridgetteb and Twitter at iamspanishdoll for all the up to date scene announcements.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love! Follow them on social media and make sure to join and for all my upcoming work... can't wait for whats to come!!

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Pornfidelity/Kelly Madison Productions. Click right here to go watch "Dysfucktional" right now! 

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