Bikini, Mechanical Bull, What Could Go Wrong?

July 17, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

You Think You Know What Happens, But Get Ready To Be Surprised

There are dangers associated with riding a mechanical bull. I have doubt that they are written down somewhere and you must sign a waiver before climbing on. Yet, with the dangers, people in bikinis still climb on board and hold on for dear life. And if you think you know what happens next, just keep watching.

I know, right, I was totally caught off guard as well. Whenever you hear "woman in bikini" and "mechanical bull" in the same sentence our minds all wonder to the same place. Alas, this video was full of surprises, or at least one pretty awesome surprise. I guess the real danger here isn't the mechanical bull, but having a bikini that ties together. Maybe next time around this lady will wear a bikini that will stay on a little better. Or not. Maybe she had a grand ol' time showing off her goodies to the world.

You know, after watching this video a couple of times I'm starting to wonder if the operator of the mechanical bull knows how to shake off bikinis. Like, they have been training and trying over and over again to give it just enough shake to get each piece of the bikini off. If it's true I just have to say, that's some fine work my friend; fine work indeed.

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