Damn, Emmys You Full Of Sexiness

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Let's Add Some Categories For All This Hotness

As much I typically don't watch award shows, I have a feeling I'm going to have to tune into the Emmys this year. After looking over the long list of super hot nominees, it might be a night of must-see TV. And by "must see-TV" I mean red carpet cleavage. Seriously, Emmys you might have outdone yourself this year.

And while it seems like the Emmy Awards are forever adding new categories to give out awards, but for some reason they keep leaving out awards. There is so much great programing out there, for cable to streaming, and the shows are getting pretty dam specific, maybe the Emmys should get specific too. Here are a couple of awards they should totally add:

Best Full-Frontal Robot (winner, Thandie Newton)

Best Future Dystopia Sex Scene (winner, Elisabeth Moss)

Best Full-Frontal On Another Show (winner, Carrie Coon)

Best Ass On Basic Cable (winner, Keri Russell)

Best Comedy Actress Who Got Nude In Something Else (winner, Kristen Wiig)

Best Nicole Kidman Shower Scene (winner, Nicole Kidman)

All I'm saying is, if we are going to add Emmy Awards for reality television, animation, and break things down between comedy and drama, we might as well go one step further. Sure, the show itself might last seven hours, but the clips they would play would be worth it.

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