A Hint of Alyssa Milano Tanline Will Drive You Crazy

July 15, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Miami, I could never be mad at you. ????

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Alyssa Milano in a Bikini Is Something We All Need to See Repeatedly

Yes, Alyssa Milano is wearing a bikini and that is by far one of the sexiest things any of us will ever see. But this Instagram post has the sexiness cranked up to 11 and that's all thanks to just the hint of a tan line on her boob. Yes, Alyssa Milano has officially driven us all crazy thanks to that little, tiny hint of a tan line.

Even if you aren't a huge fan of tan lines, you have to admit that seeing a little more Alyssa Milano skin is pretty damn sexy. Her cleavage is always stellar, but with that extra little bit she really does knock it out of the park. I know it would be asking the gods for WAY too much to get a topless pic of Alyssa Milano and her tan lines, but we all need to have dreams, right? Even though that won't happen, it can't take away from the pure joy of seeing Alyssa Milano in a bikini. Tan line or not, it's still something we all need to see, many times throughout our lives. 

Damn, Alyssa Milano, you know how to keep it sexy. Whether you meant to show us your tan line or not, it made the best part of our day. Hell, the best part of our week!

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