Dina Meyer Flexes Her Muscles And Her Sexiness

July 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Time For The Dina Meyer Comeback!

To say that Dina Meyer was part of one of the most memorable shower scenes every put on film is really putting it lightly. If we are being truly honest with ourselves (and we should be), she and that scene are the only reasons to ever watch a movie about alien bugs. Well, that and Neil Patrick Harris because he's always awesome.

And now that Dina Meyer is showing off her awesome body on Instagram, I think it's time for the Dina Meyer comeback. Of course, Dina Meyer probably never really went away, but I think it's time for us to see her flexing her muscles and her sexiness on the big screen again. Hell, she could be the small screen again and that would be fine with me. As long as we get a chance to see Dina Meyer being sexy I'm totally cool with it. Sure, her Instagram account is always a treat, but a little live action sexiness never hurt anyone. In fact, it might help a lot of people to see Dina Meyer being sexy again. How could it not help, am I right? Yeah, I'm totally right.

It goes without saying that anything involving Dina Meyer should also include a shower scene. After all, Dina Meyer really knows how to make the act of getting clean pretty memorable.

via Dina Meyer on Instagram

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