Looking Great, Clare Kramer, Looking Great

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Very satisfied w myself right now. #nofilter

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Clare Kramer Takes A Great Body Selfie

Normally when one crops their head out of selfie it's a reason to delete that pic and try again. That is unless the point of the selfie is to show off your awesome bikini body. And there is no better example of that than Clare Kramer's bikini selfie Instagram post.

Sure, I love Clare Kramer's face, she was a real pretty face, but if she wants to show off her amazing body in a bikini, then who am I to say no? Nobody, that's who! I would be a fool and everyone should stop being my friend if I started complaining about Clare Kramer and her soaking wet, hard nipped, bikini body Instagram pic. It's an awesome pic and the majority of her head is in the actual photo. And if your favorite part of Clare Kramer is her forehead, I can understand you being a touch upset, but maybe you could focus on her cleavage for just this one pic. You can go back to loving that Clare Kramer forehead in the next selfie.

The art of the selfie can be a very personal thing, we all have our favorite kinds. From the mirror selfie to the full arm extended upwards selfie to the Clare Kramer pokie body selfie, they have something special to make them unique. It's hard to say if one is better than any other, but Clare Kramer really knows to take a great selfie.

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