Roarie Hanging Out Nude Will Make You Roar

July 16, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Roarie's Nude Body Glows Enough

Look, I totally get it - you're a photographer, and you want to do as many tricks with the camera as you can, but when you've got a beautiful nude hottie like Roarie, forget playing with the light. Roarie's nude body glows enough as is without adding more lens flair and such.

And can we just take a moment to acknowledge that the model's name is the same as our reaction to seeing her nude? Once I caught a full-frontal glimpse of Roarie, I actually let out a little bit of a roar. It's one hell of an awesome sight that really deserves an audible reaction. Of course, if you happen to be in a crowded room or in shouting distance of someone, feel free to let out a quiet roar when you lay your eyes upon Roarie's breasts or Roarie's ass or Roarie's nude body for the first time. And yes, I too am wondering if Roarie is her real name or something she came up with after the second time someone roared when they saw her nude.

Though, I guess if you want to have a different reaction to seeing Roarie completely nude, that's okay too. Maybe you aren't much into making loud noises because you are staring a beautiful nude woman. That's cool, too. You enjoy a completely nude Roarie in your own way.

photos by Shuji Kobayashi

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