Jessica Simpson Goes Instagram Topless

July 12, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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One Step Closer to Seeing Jessica Simpson's Boobs

Each of us has a list of celebrities we wish would go topless. No doubt our lists probably have a lot of the same people on them - like Jessica Simpson. It would truly be a glorious day if we got to see the wonderful boobs of Jessica Simpson because she decided to leave the bikini top by the pool. Well, Jessica Simpson went topless - we have the proof - but sadly she went topless on Instagram.

Now, that's not to say the pictures is a dud thanks to Instagrams stupid terms and conditions - if there was nothing to see then I would not have brought this pic to your attention if that was case. Even though we have not yet gazed upon the glory that is Jessica Simpson's bare chest, we are getting one hell of a view of her rear end. The fact that she is laying on her stomach on what I assume is a giant sea turtle raft means we are still getting to see most of her ass. How amazing is that? The answer is very amazing, it's very amazing. Plus, I'm considering this Instagram post to mean we are just that much closer to seeing Jessica Simpson topless. I know the decision is totally up to her, but I'm hoping and wishing and dreaming and praying that one day Jessica Simpson will decide to go topless.

While it looks like Jessica Simpson will remain on all of our hope-to-go-topless lists, we can totally take comfort in the awesomeness of her ass in a thong bikini. Or in a regular bikini that her ass has decided is too sexy to stay hidden in. Either way, Jessica Simpson is pretty damn sexy.

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