Olivia Stone Is a Mountain of Hotness

July 15, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Let's Not Take the Easy Road With This Much Beauty

Sure, I could have taken the easy path. Could have easily just said that a nude Olivia Stone will make you rock hard, but no, I wasn't going to in that direction. You see, Olivia Stone's naked sexiness is no joking matter.

Who doesn't love a good boner joke? I would even bet that someone has said something to Olivia Stone about her nude body making things hard as a rock - she's really hot when she's nude. But that doesn't mean we have to travel down that road. We should take the tougher path, the path that might hurt a little, because in the end, Olivia Stone nude on a beach is totally worth it. It deserves more than a few cheap penis jokes. Olivia Stone's awesome boobs should be praised, Olivia Stone's fantastic ass should honored, Olivia Stone completely naked body should be gazed upon as a true work of art, as if it was carved from stone. Yes, it's hard to find anything funny about Olivia Stone and her incredible body... other than, you know, the whole stone, rock, boner thing...

We can joke, we can laugh, we can make witty puns later, but for now, we should focus on one thing and one thing only: a nude Olivia Stone. Laughing and joking is great, but not when it comes to the awesome hotness of Olivia Stone completely nude.

photos by Eric Uys

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