Bush Out With Scout Willis

July 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Enjoy Some Scout Willis Bush

Take a load off, chill, kick back, relax; those phrases all mean the same thing. Each are the perfect way to describe taking a break and having a little personal time. And as the decades change, so do the phrasing- so that is why I'm proposing that we start saying "Bush Out," and that's all thanks to Scout Willis.

Nothing says "I'm going to have a little me time" like not shaving your bush when you wear a bikini. I have no idea if Scout Willis simply decided on a whim to take in a little sun and ran out of shaving cream or she just doesn't think it's all that important to trim the hedge for putting on a two-piece. Honestly, it's Scout Willis; I have a feeling landscaping isn't in her wheelhouse. And that's totally fine - I think we can all enjoy some Scout Willis bush. I mean, I'm enjoying it so much that I want to make a saying out it. I promise you at some point I'm going to look at a co-work and say, "Man, I can't wait to get home and bush out." And I'm not even going to explain it.

So, why don't you bush out with some sexy Scout Willis picks?! Even if bush isn't your thing, there's some pretty sexy Scout Willis cleavage going on. Though, you should totally give bush a chance.

via drunken stepfather

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