Make Chores More Fun: Do Them Sexy Like Elizabeth Hurley

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Make Chore Time Sexy Elizabeth Hurley Time

If I can do anything to avoid doing chores, then I'm going to do that instead. We all have to do stuff: put the dishes away, take out the trash, water the yard, stuff we'd rather not do. There is only one way to get these tasks done, and that's by finding a new approach. And the best approach I've found: be sexy like Elizabeth Hurley while doing chores.

Of course, not all of us can be sexy like Elizabeth Hurley while doing chores. In fact, only one person can be sexy like Elizabeth Hurley doing chores and that's Elizabeth Hurley! Now, this doesn't mean one should avoid taking out the trash, that would cause quite the smell, but consider making a game out of taking out the trash. Before you tie up that bag of garbage, take a peek at Elizabeth Hurley showing off some awesome cleavage while watering her lawn. Then take the bag out, toss in the dumpster (or wherever), and come back inside to see Elizabeth Hurley working out in a bikini. See, doesn't that sound like more fun than just plain old taking the trash out?

Chores are something we all have to get done - it's part of the social contract of life. But that doesn't mean we can't find a way to make them fun. And I can't think of anything more fun that staring at Elizabeth Hurley being sexy.

Someone has to do it ? #Herefordshire @elizabethhurleybeach

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