Gitty Yup, Ariel Winter!

Ariel Winter Needs To Be in a Movie Set in the West, ASAP

Since Hollywood these days is all about remakes and redoes and all the rest, I'm just going to come out and say it: Ariel Winter needs to star in a City Slickers remark. Okay, so it doesn't have to be City Slickers, but it needs to be something where Ariel Winter can keep rocking the Western wear.

Of course you might asking yourself why in the world I would want Ariel Winter to do a movie when she's clearly rocking the cowboy boats, the short shorts, and the ruffled top in real life, the answer is simple: the big screen. I want to see Ariel Winter in this same outfit larger than life on a big screen for 90 minutes or more. Though, it my case it would probably be 180 minutes because I'd see the movie twice. Hell, she doesn't even have to wear this outfit the entire movie, I'm sure Ariel Winter would look awesome in a pair of leather chaps, one of those plaid shirts tied at the waste, and many, many other typically Western clothing.

So, if someone with some real influence in the film industry could start digging through script to find a Western movie for Ariel Winter to star in that would be great. Until that happens we'll just enjoy Ariel Winter and her hot body in Western wear in real life.

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