'Vibes for Congress' Is My New Favorite Use for Sex Toys

July 3, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

Political pleasure at its finest

Right now, Unbound - sex toy accessory manufacturer of my dreams - is taking a stand against the shutdown of many Planned Parenthoods with the help of vibrators. Because, vibrators. 

But really, right now, $15 will send a vibrator plus a lot of crucial info to any senators or reps you think need one - and yes, you can hand select which ones you'd like to receive these. The message is a simple one: Female sexual health and pleasure are not up for debate. Considering that one in five women has visited a clinic for their reproductive health, this is BFD for most of us. 

Will this change the minds of strict conservatives who really hate PP? No, of course not - but it garners a lot of attention and sends a clear message. And hey, senators need to have orgasms too, right?


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