Five Reasons Why I Love My Scene in "Transsexual Addiction", by Aubrey Kate

Experience "Transsexual Addiction"!

AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year Aubrey Kate stars in and is completely gorgeous in her scene with Chanel Santini in "Transsexual Addiction" directed by Aiden Starr for Starr Erotica/Evil Angel. This scene is serious eye candy. Enjoy!

"The oil - this was the first time I ever played and got messy with oil/lube all over. It was so sexy and looked hot, but we slipped and fell so many times! :D I hope they make bloopers! Ha ha..... having the oil definitely was the cherry on the cake."

"Outfits - I really liked the contrast of silver and gold. I felt like a legit porn star in this movie. We went all in and agreed what happens, happens and let's make magic."
"Blonde versus brunette - Chanel and I are like Britney and Christina. We are very similar yet very different.... so filming this together we got to come together and make something special."
"We controlled the scene - The reason why I love Aiden is that she trusts the people she films. She got the outfits and set up the location and makeup. She basically gave us a yes/no checklist and then we had full and total control of how we wanted to create and have this scene happen."
"It was real - Like I said, I don't think we even had to cut unless there was oil in our eyes or we were slipping and sliding. Me and Chanel definitely were fluid and it was an amazing, fun, and easy to make scene because we were having fun."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Starr Erotica/Evil Angel. Follow Kate on Twitter to keep up on all of her sexy porn star doings and click right here to go watch "Transsexual Addiction" right now!

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