A Nude Nora Rosenberg Makes Those Amber Waves Of Grain Look Awesome

July 4, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Nora Rosenberg Nude In A Field Is Nature At It's Best

If you've ever traveled this great land then you know the amazing sight of the fields of grain or corn or just plan old ordinary grass can look quite wonderful when they stretch on for miles and miles. Yes, one can stare into a field of grain being blown by the wind for hours and ponder their place in the world. Now that I have seen Nora Rosenberg nude in a field of grain, those open spaces will never look the same.

Sigh. I used to love watching the fields of whatever rush by window as I traveled. Now, I'll just be filled with sadness because I won't be seeing Nora Rosenberg's nude body in those fields. I guess what I'm going to have to do is print out all these pictures of Nora Rosenberg nude and tape them to the car windows for my next road trip. Sure, it might be a little dangerous to not see on coming cars and whether or not something is in your blind spot, but I won't be driving so what do I care? Plus, will anyone be upset when they check their mirror and see Nora Rosenberg's boobs instead? I don't think so.

Whether you are a someone who prefers to take the scenic route or you are someone who hates to travel, I'm sure one thing we'll all be able to agree on is that Nora Rosenberg nude in a field is a pretty awesome sight.

photos by Ashley Callaghan


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