Five Reasons Why I Love "Stroking Alone," by Michelle Austin

July 3, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

All Michelle, All the Time!

Trans star Michelle Austin stars in Kennston Productions' latest "Stroking Alone 2," and if you love Austin/solo trans scenes, this is so for you.

"Stroking alone is one of my favorite things to do. I have been doing it since I figured out at early age that my cock could get hard and I could play with it! So for me, it's a great pastime and to show it on film to my fans brings me joy - to just get spit on my hand and stroke it till I have an orgasm!"

"The movie is shot and directed by my real life husband, Tyler St. Syn. To be in front of the camera for my husband brings me a lot of joy and also turns me on even more, and when it's over, he always has to let me know how wet his pussy is from watching me! Ha ha ha! So sometimes that turns into sex off camera! That's some hot shit!"

"A lot of the scene concepts come from things my fans want. One fan asked me if I could not talk to camera and let the camera just skim me before I start stroking. All he wanted to hear were moans so we took that concept outside in the field and it is probably a favorite of mine. I love doing different things. The scene with the glass dildo was a gift from a fan. So, I incorporate my fans ideas and presents into my work and 'Stroking Alone 2' brings that. You wouldn't get that from a big studio just shooting their 'IT' girl for a solo DVD. My stuff is so real and personal; that's what makes this movie different!"

"It's shot in 4K (except for the bonus scene with Kai), which is another thing a fan asked for and got. I didn't understand what 4K was until I shot one scene and watched it on my big screen TV and was in awe of the quality - but then again, you can see every flaw I have and there is no hiding anything. That is okay because I'm real and I want my fans to see that I'm not fake. I have flaws that makes me unique! Those are the things I love that I give my fans and show other trans women that it's okay to not fit the mold of the industry!"

"The chance to show a bonus scene with Kai Bailey. Kai and I have been friends before we shot or before he got into the biz, so when we discovered last summer that we were in Philly at the same time, we had to meet up and shoot. It was one of his first shoots and we had a lot of fun. Lots of making out, touching, and fucking! It's rare to see me on film in last few years with cis men. So, when I do it's with people I want to work with. Kai isn't really cis, as he lives a colorful life and is so open minded and loves this industry! He hasn't gotten jaded by it yet and he appreciates his co-stars! The scene ends with an explosion you don't want to miss!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Kennston Productions. Follow Austin on Twitter to keep up with her sexy porn star world and click right here to watch "Stroking Alone 2" right now! 

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