Every Day Is A Good Day For January Jones Cleavage

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There's a heat advisory today, searching for shade ?

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Best Time For January Jones Cleavage? All The Time!

Saturdays are good days for catching up on chores, rainy days are good for watching movies, and days off are good for doing nothing at all. But every single day of the year is a good day for January Jones in a bikini. Yep, if the day ends in Y than it's a perfect time for January Jones cleavage.

It doesn't matter the time of year, whether it's a federal holiday, or just some random Wednesday with no meaning whatsoever, January Jones' cleavage is always called for. You can be at home, at work, in church, getting a car wash, watching a car wash, actually washing your own car, or not doing anything involving washing and/or cars, you take a glance at some January Jones cleavage and your day just got a little more awesome. Whether you are feeling bad or feeling good or feeling completely neutral, January Jones and a bikini is an instant pick me up. Though, there is no way one could feel neutral about January Jones' cleavage. If you are staring at this beautiful sight and not feeling anything, please go a see a doctor because you might have passed away.

Yes, January Jones really does have some great cleavage, that's why it's always awesome. So, take a break or get to work or do nothing at all, just have some January Jones cleavage while you do it.

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