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It's All Angela!

Aussie porn superstar Angela White has been named Vixen's Angel for June by Vixen creator/AVN Director of the Year Greg Lansky and Vixen's Angel of the Year Kendra Sunderland. White was awarded a pair of Vixen custom Christian Louboutin red-bottom shoes, a custom Tiffany brilliant-cut diamond necklace and custom Vixen lingerie sets, along with just generally getting to have the prestige of the title which is one that pretty much every porn star out there crave at present. White has just been killing it in the American porn industry since she moved here this year and started working for companies other than solely her own. Here's what she had to say about her latest achievement.


Congrats on being a Vixen Angel! How does it feel to be one?

"It is an absolute honor to be named a Vixen Angel. I feel incredibly proud and excited to be a representative of such an outstanding brand. lt is a privilege to join the ranks of such inspiring and beautiful women."

What do you love most about Vixen and director Greg Lansky?

"Like all of the brands that Greg Lansky has created, Vixen is synonymous with premium quality content. I love Greg's passion for creating artistic scenes that celebrate natural beauty and sensuality. It's obvious that Greg is a very talented director, photographer and artist, but what I also love is his attention to detail, his perfectionism and the fact that he cares so much about his product. Greg has always been an inspiration to me and has supported me from the very beginning of my journey in the Los Angeles porn industry."

What do you think makes Vixen's scenes special? Vixen's scenes remind me a lot of the work you create for your own production company.

"Vixen scenes are special because there is so much love and care put into each production. I think the scenes have captured the imagination of consumers because the site does not rely on extreme spectacles to keep viewers glued to the screen. Don't get me wrong, I like to indulge in the sexually absurd and enjoy putting strange things in unconventional places but I also like the simplicity and sophistication of the Vixen brand, which focuses on capturing naturally beautiful models and their erotic sensuality."

What/who can fans expect to see you doing on the Vixen site?

"Greg captured amazing photos on the day of my Vixen Angel shoot, some of which have already been shared via social media. We also have a big scene planned with someone special but I won't ruin the surprise!"

How does being a Vixen Angel rank among your porn experiences to date?

"Becoming a Vixen Angel is a highly sought after honor and title. It's hard to express just how much it means to me. I am thankful that Greg sees the natural beauty in all women, and being a voluptuous woman myself it's awesome to be acknowledged as a Vixen Angel. It is definitely one of the highlights of my career."

What do you hope to do in your time with the company as an Angel?

"I'm looking forward to creating some incredible content with Greg. I'm excited to be a brand ambassador for Vixen and to promote the amazing art that the team creates."

You have just been dominating porn since you moved here to the United States full time. You were a Girlsway Girl Of The Month, you are the new Vixen Angel- what do you want to achieve next?

"I've been working on my biggest showcase movie to date: 'Angela volume 3'. I originally called 'Angela volume 2' my magnum opus because I felt there was no way for me to go beyond what I had achieved in that film. The teases were visually stunning and the scenes pushed my limits as a performer. At the time of its release, it was my best work but 'Angela volume 3' easily surpasses it. The teases are more powerful and the scenes are incredible. 'Angela Volume 3' pushes my limits further and I was surprised to discover that I could draw on even more emotionality as a performer. That is an achievement that I am incredibly proud of. I'm currently editing the movie and every time I revisit a scene it brings back all of the intense and beautiful emotions I felt during the filming. I can't wait to release the film in September."

Your hustle as a performer is truly inspiring. What have you found drives you to get the successes that you have had?

"You never lose your motivation or determination when you truly believe in something. I believe that porn can be validating and transformative for viewers and performers. It can help people who feel ashamed by their sexual desires to feel less isolated. For others, porn may be the only place in which they see their body type or sexual predilection positively represented on screen. Sexuality is an incredible force that I draw upon for my inspiration and creativity in all aspects of life, and pornography is an artistic arena for me to explore the depth and breadth of my sexuality. I believe I owe my success in this industry to remaining true to myself."

What is coming up for you?

"Since I moved to the U.S., I have not taken a day off. Every day I'm either shooting for myself or another company, or editing my scenes, trailers, and movies. As a result, there is an immense amount of quality content that will be released in the coming months. I have three of my own movies being released in quick succession: 'Angela Loves Threesomes 2', 'Angela Loves Anal', and of course, 'Angela volume 3'. I've just finished shooting an awesome showcase for another company, the details of which will have to remain secret for now and naturally, I am also working on some amazing collaborations with Greg Lansky which I cannot wait for you all to see."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"I know I've thanked my fans before but I want to thank them again. I am eternally grateful for your support, encouragement, feedback, motivation, love, and lust. Thank you for being a part of my journey and I hope I have had a positive influence on your own."

All of the images here appear courtesy of Vixen. Click right here to check out White's work over at Vixen!

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