Fleshtunes: The Siouxsie Q Edition

July 5, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Sensational Siouxsie Songs!

Gorgeous alt/fetish/porn performer and sex activist Siouxsie Q was really, really into giving her Fleshtunes. Enjoy!

"I gave this A LOT of thought. Music is HUGELY important to me. Before my career in adult entertainment, I spent a couple of years touring with indie musicians such as Amanda Palmer and The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. Both sex and live music have this visceral effect on humans that I've just always been fascinated by. Music makes us want to have sex, and having sex often inspires people to make music - it's a fabulous cycle!

For me, pop music also often serves as prayer - these are mantras of our culture and I've always felt that when I immerse myself into one of these songs, I am meditating on the divine qualities that the song and the artists are conduits of.

When I go for a run or I'm driving to work when I know it will be a particularly hard day of activism or performing, I put on a playlist that calls upon the magical forces of feminine power that I'll need to conquer my day.

Will I need grace, fortitude, and balance? Then I better put on Beyonce.

Do I need business savvy, cunning, and confidence? Then a curated browse through Nicki Minaj's The Pink Print may be what is called for.

Do I need fearless girlhood and resilient optimism? Then I'll put on some wisdom from the heroines of musical theater.

Here are a sampling of some of the songs that keep me sane when I'm fighting and fucking for the cause.

Countdown by Beyonce: "Ladies if you love your man, show him you the fliest.. If you leave me you're out of your mind."

This song amps me up for anything and the video is also my favorite style guide (those bangs! those loafers! THAT TURTLENECK).

Don't Rain on my Parade from Funny Girl sung by Barbra StreisandIf I just run to the emotional arc of this track, I'll be covered in sweat and ready for anything by the time it's over. You can often find me at Porn Star Karaoke belting this one out with a slight change to the lyrics: "Hey Mr. Weinstein... here Iiiiiiii aaammmmmm!!!!" This song got me through Prop. 60.

"Watch What Happens" from Newsies: The Broadway Musical: I've loved the Disney film Newsies from the 90s since I was very young, but I always yearned for a strong female character to be part of the story of New York City newsboys organizing to fight for their labor rights. So when Disney re-imagined the musical for the stage a few years ago and added the story of a young ambitious female writer, intent on using her platform as a journalist to fuel the power of exploited people, I was just beside myseIf. I wept the first time I heard this song, as I finally felt like I saw myself in a story that I had cherished since childhood. I listen to this track whenever the pressure is getting to me, or I have a serious case of writers' block.

"Speak up, take a stand, and there's someone to write about it.
That's how things get better.
Give life's little guys some ink, and when it dries just watch what happens...
And who's there with her camera and her pen
as boys turn into men
they'll storm the gates and then just watch what happens when they do..."

"It's David and Goliath, do or die
the fight is on and I can't watch what happens.

But all I know is nothing happens if you just give in.

It can't be any worse than how it's been.

And it just so happens that we just might win,
so whatever happens! Let's begin!"

"9-5" by Dolly PartonThis is another karaoke favorite, because on some days I desperately need to stand in front of my peers and say these words.

It's also one of the first songs I ever used for a burlesque number, way back in the day. I've always loved Dolly - it was actually my grandmother who introduced me to her music.

Dolly is one of the patron saints in my own personal religion that I like to call "The Truth." I often pray to her for strength to get through the bullshit that life slings our way with a smile on my face and song in my heart.

"I'm the Best" by Nicki Minaj: "I remember when I couldn't buy my mother a couch, now I'm sittin at the closin' bought my mother a house, you will never understand why I grind like do..."

During my first couple of months at the Free Speech Coalition, as I was realizing just how difficult it was going to be to defeat Proposition 60, as well as coping with the difficult transition of moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I listened to this track every day on my drive to work. It gave me so much strength to be reminded how hard other women have had to work to realize our dreams, do right by our families, and change the world. It's hard. It's exhausting. It's lonely. But it's worth it.

I grind every day so I can make a better life for my family--not just my mother and father, but my entire extended family of people who work in the adult industry. If I can make this world a better place for them, then every drop of blood, sweat, and tears is 100 percent worth it.

The image of Q. above is from her scene in Transsensual/Mile High Media's "TS Babysitters". Follow Q. on Twitter to keep up with all of her super hot porn star doings and here is what I am listening to right now!

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