We're Gonna Need More Madelaine Petsch ASAP

June 15, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Don't Be Afraid to Shout It Out - More Madelaine Petsch!

Look, I do my best to stay level headed, not go overboard, and be patient whenever possible, but after flipping through these photos of Madelaine Petsch, I'm going to go ahead and say that we need more. More Madelaine Petsch being sexy, more Madelaine Petsch showing off her cleavage, Madelaine Petsch and her beautiful eyes - basically what I'm saying is that we need more Madelaine Petsch and we needed it like two days ago.

It might just be the red hair talking, but my goodness, Madelaine Petsch is a real stunner. I'm actually a little upset that her sexiness wasn't used to it's fullest potential on Riverdale (2017). I mean, everyone else is seeing this, right? Everyone else is gazing upon the beauty that is Madelaine Petsch, right? Everyone is ready to take the streets and demand more Madelaine Petsch, right? I'm really hoping that at least one person out there just stood up and said "Hell yeah!" You don't have to tell me if you did, but I'm hoping it happened somewhere.

Hey, don't be embarrassed if you did stand up and shout. Madelaine Petsch is really freaking hot and seeing more Madelaine Petsch isn't a bad thing. It's worth shouting about. And if shouting gets more Madelaine Petsch, those few uncomfortable seconds will have been totally worth it.

photos via DeMan Magazine

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