Kenzie Kersen Goes from Sexy to Nerd Sexy

June 17, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Kenzie Kersen Would Be a Great Nude Superhero

Seeing a nude Kenzie Kersen is a real feast for the eyes and for the soul. She is hands down pretty darn sexy when she doesn't have any clothes on. Sure, the tan lines will make everything just a little bit sexier, but Kenzie Kersen manages to go from regular sexy all the way to nerd sexy in a matter of seconds thanks to a Lucha libre mask and crowbar.

Sorry, but my mind instantly went there. Kenzie Kersen is some kind of naked superhero and before you get in my grill about why a superhero would be naked, think about it. If you were a criminal, there is nothing that would stun you and stop you in your tracks faster than a nude woman. Kenzie Kersen nude is super sexy, so that would add a few extra seconds to her ability to get the upper hand. All I'm saying is if Kenzie Kersen wants to show off her awesome body while fighting crime, I'm all for it. Kenzie Kersen could be the Naked Mask of Justice or the Tan Line Terminator or... I don't know, something else. All I know is she would be awesome at being a nude superhero because she's awesome at being a nude model.

And look, you don't have to take the same train of thought as me, you can ignore the Lucha libre pics and the wizard cape pics and just focus on Kenzie Kersen nude in the desert. That's totally fine. She's awesome when nude for no reason and nude for crime fighting.

Photos via P Magazine and DamagedMagazine

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