Lauren Bonner Nude... Indeed

June 21, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

A Nude Lauren Bonner Will Make You Stand at Attention

Folks, this one is a softball. This one is the million dollar lottery ticket. This one is the sure thing. Laura Bonner. Bonner. Nude. Laura Bonner nude. And yet, I don't know if I can rise to the occasion this time. I might have to make a hard pass at the puns this time around.

No doubt Laura Bonner has heard it all before, so I would simply be wasting my breath. And I could go on until I was purple in the face, tickling my own fancy about the "Bonner" jokes I could make, but this time I'm just going to zip it. Instead, let's just focus on the beautiful nude woman in front of us. Laura Bonner nude looks pretty damn awesome - the photographer knew it. He didn't need any fancy settings to show off Laura Bonner's amazing nude body. Laura Bonner didn't need to be nude pitching a tent, Laura Bonner didn't need to be nude, shooting off into space a pocket rocket, Laura Bonner didn't need to be nude in the jungle fighting off one-eyed snakes. No, she just needed to toss on some sexy panties or no panties and just be sexy. That's all Laura Bonner has to do.

So, no jokes please, that's too easy. Instead, enjoy seeing one hell of a beautiful woman completely nude. Laura Bonner is sexy down to the bone. No if, ands, or erections about it.


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