Checking in with Girlsway's Girl of the Month for July, Georgia Jones

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Gorgeous Georgia!

Veteran girl/girl performer Georgia Jones has well-deservedly been named Girlsway's Girl of the Month for July. She also recently did her very first girl/girl anal scene for Girlswa  with the experienced and sexy Samantha Rone and after over ten years in porn, you know you wanna see her do anal, people! 

Congrats on being Girlsway's Girl of the Month for July! How does it feel to be given that honor?
"It feels amazing! Since I’m a lesbian-only performer, there’s not many chances to be given a GOTM title like this so it’s that much more exciting when you’re actually selected. It’s been really hard to keep it a secret because of all the members I’ve seen begging for me to be GOTM, so I can’t wait for this reveal!!"

What did you love most about Girlsway and the Girlsway production staff?
"What I love the most about Girlsway is (without knocking all the other amazing lesbian companies I’ve shot for) the type of content and community they are creating. It’s beautiful. I’ve been doing this for over a decade and this is the exact type of company I’ve been waiting for my whole career. I love the all-girl features. I love the heavy storylines and the high-quality camerawork and editing and the community on the forum is my new favorite thing. It feels like such a little family!! It’s so great to have our little exclusive club where we can really bond without Twitter trolls who don’t pay for porn butting in and ruining the mood LOL! And don’t get me started on the production staff… Poor Alan has to really do his best to keep us focused because we are all having so much fun. Sometimes I go home with a stomachache from laughing so much. Seriously, the best crew around. The makeup artist Lisa is also an amazing person who deserves a serious shout-out! I always know I will look my best no matter what for them because she works magic. Her brushes are actually wands."

What do you think makes Girlsway's scenes special?
"The heavy storylines, the quality crew, and camera work/lighting/locations/makeup, etc… but most of all, I’d have to say the top-notch directing. (Alan will keep at it until he gets exactly what he wants out of the cast, which he also clearly takes time to make sure is perfect in the first place.) With some, I can tell they are annoyed and just wanna go home but me personally, I fuckin' love that shit because I’ve seen what he can do with me; I’ve seen him pull some of the best acting out of me ever.) And of course, can’t forget the AMAZING editing going on back up with our northern neighbors! Seriously, the whole team is what it takes. I also think the fact that Girlsway really listens to their customers is also key! Some companies say they do, but you never actually see it put into action."

What makes a great girl/girl scene in your experience?
"Chemistry is huge but I also really think the performers’ desire to be there is also a huge part of it. If a girl is hot and we have great chemistry but she just really hates being in porn or is dealing with drama of some sort, the scene is gonna be a buzz kill. Also, gay for pay girls sometimes can be GREAT performers, however, being able to actually make a girl visibly wet for the camera is always a plus, so I tend to really enjoy working with women who truly love women as much as they truly love this job."

How does being a Girlsway Girl of the Month rank among your porn experiences to date?
"Well, like I said, being a lesbian-only performer significantly decreases your opportunities for not only work but also for recognition for your body of work. I’ve been cover girl and centerfold of most every adult magazine in production from 2006 (the year I turned 18) to present, yet none of that compares to being recognized for my dedication to my work in lesbian erotica."

What do you hope to do in your time with the company as the Girl Of The Month?
"I hope to make a few new fans as well as keep my faithful #TeamGJ as horny as ever. *Oprah Voice* Boners! Boners for everyone!!!"

What is your favorite Girlsway scene that you have done so far?
"Damn, this is a really hard question, because there have been so many great ones but I’d have to say the day we shot 'Who’s The Boss?' and 'Cheaters Always Squirt' was such a fantastic day. Everyone was on their A-game and feeling so fired up that day… the stars were aligned and the Porn Gods rained down their mercy upon us. The first scene with Sinn Sage was phenomenal but the 2nd one really pushed me to the next level. Alan really pulled it out of me for 'Cheaters Always Squirt' with Karla Kush."

It is just so perfect that you are Girlsway Girl of the Month, given your exceptionally strong career in girl/girl. What other top porn title/award would you most like to achieve?
"Well, seeing as though I spent most of my career advocating for girl/girl awards in the first place and now they are finally here, I’d like to just be nominated and/or win any of them. That would be great LOL! I’d be happy with anything at this point. However, I really feel what I desire most is for AVN to start putting lesbian performers in the Hall of Fame. I’ve been a lesbian-only performer for 10 and a half years. Most other top girl/girl performers that have been around a lengthy amount of time like that have done at least one or two boy/girl scenes. I feel I’ve paid my dues to the lesbian genre and it’s high time lesbian erotica started being recognized as part of the big leagues. I mean, isn’t it the currently most searched term on the tube sites?"

How was your first ever lesbian anal scene? Are you anally experienced or was this your first time trying this stuff out?

"My first lesbian anal scene was great! We had such an amazing time shooting that day... I can’t wait to see the finished product! I think a lot of it had to do with the company I was working with and of course my scene partner Samantha was an angel and really helped me through the preparation process (because I’m an anal newbie and she’s a pro). The timing was perfect, company and crew were perfect, Samantha was perfect… I’m really glad I waited for this explosive exploration.

I’m definitely not anally experienced. This was my first anal experience on camera, and my only true anal experience other than that one drunken night when I was 19 that was probably not one of the best decisions I ever made. It lasted all of about 30 seconds so I’m not even sure that counts LOL. I think I’ve been traumatized ever since and haven’t even attempted to move past it in that regard."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thanks for always tuning in and keeping tabs on me! Please continue to pay for your porn also! The arts we love require money to create it! And ummmmm…. Also, thanks for being awesome! Lol xo GJ"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Girlsway. Check out all of Jones' Girlsway work by clicking right here! 

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