Carrie Coon Leaves Nothing Behind on "The Leftovers"

June 5, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Carrie Coon's Full Frontal Is a Must-See

Look, I know you're busy. I'm busy. The whole word is busy, but we have to make time for the important things in life. And if you haven't made time to see Carrie Coon go full-frontal on The Leftovers (2014-2017), then you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror. And then watch the clip.

Seriously, talk about a great moment in television. It's kind of hard to believe that Carrie Coon is astarring in the FX series Fargo (2014-2017) as well. One wouldn't think they'd get to see her on two shows at the same time, let alone get to see her completely nude on one of them. Well, everyone has to work. And they probably weren't filmed at the same time, but damn, I hope Carrie Coon gets some attention for her wide range of abilities. You know, this scene from The Leftovers might be one the best nude scenes from television this year. It's hard to say for sure because we aren't half way through the year, but I believe it's a strong contender. And who knows, maybe we'll get an ass shot of her on Fargo to go with this full-frontal scene.

Okay, I've taken up too much of your time already. You've got things to do, but the first thing is to watch Carrie Coon go full-frontal a couple more times. Seriously, only watch it like three times and then it's back to work. For real, four times at the most. Five if you're done with your work.

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