ABCs of Amateur: The Top 10 Categories (So Far)

By now you guys are all familiar with the ABCs of Amateur - my series where I post amateur videos from every category imaginable in alphabetical order - so I did a little digging into the analytics to see which have been the most popular. 

Yes, the results are a tiny bit skewed by time, since older posts have had longer to accumulate views, but it gave us a great look into the best posts of the first third of the alphabet. You can check out the original posts by clicking on the links, but I've provided you with entirely new amateur videos for all your favorite categories here. You're welcome.

10. Exhibitionist

9. Boat 

8. Best Friend

7. All Holes

6. Big Clit

5. Angry


3. Cum Kissing

2. Begging

1. Anal Orgasm

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