Throwback Thursday: Heather Hunter Was So Good in Vivid’s "Bad Girls"

Heather Made Us Want Her Bad!

Vivid Girl Heather Hunter was just the bomb in Vivid's "Bad Girls 10," directed by now-head of Penthouse Video Toni English - AKA Kelly Holland - back in 1998. Oh, wow, Hunter was such a goddess during her career, wasn't she? She was a Vivid Girl from 1990 through 1998 and during that whole time, she was every bit a superstar with a massive following.

Hunter plays a woman wrongfully incarcerated in this and she has a whole lot of sex in this movie. Boyfriend Peter Romero gets to enjoy her in a romantic vag scene in their bedroom and there is a very hot lesbian jail cell threeway with Hunter, Julie Rage, and Tricia Devereaux. The late Jon Dough and friend Vince Vouyer share Hunter in a very hot threeway too. (I miss Dough a lot.) Hunter was all about fucking hard and being a glam beauty on top of that - love her!

Click right here to go watch "Bad Girls 10" in our online store or head over to Vivid's website to watch this movie and a whole lot of other awesome flicks!

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