First Look at a Dripping Wet Amber Heard in Aquaman

May 19, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

She's a Great Reason To See This Movie

To say that Amber Heard looks amazing whenever she is wearing a tight outfit, be it for a superhero movie like Aquaman or another random movie, is not really seeing the image short. Amber Heard in a skin-tight green scaly ensemble is like trees to the forest, is like clouds to the sky, is a like a fish to water; it just makes sense. 

It's so beautiful, you can't really imagine anything else. Sure, it's something we've seen a lot, something that some of us see each and every single day, and it never gets old. One could almost go so far as to call it common and yet there is nothing common at all about Amber Heard, her cleavage, and skin tight outfits. It really is like a cloud in the sky, it's a simply beauty, something that you could look at not think twice about and yet it can move you because it is so beautiful, so simply beautiful, just like the amazing cleavage of Amber Heard.

And if you don't know what in the hell I'm rambling about, how about this: Amber Heard is so freaking hot as Mera she totally makes it worth it to see a movie about a superhero who talks to fish. Seriously, that's all Aquaman does, he talks to fish. Sound interesting? Nope. How about we toss in Amber Heard looking sexy? Now you're talking.

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